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Welcome to my website. I have been a potter for many years and am still excited with the possibilities of clay. As I have said to many students, this medium seems limitless.

I started working with jewelry design years ago and I am now crazy about metal clay too. I use silver clay in my work and find it great fun because it’s so much like pottery clay to form. I also like to add different metals, stones, beads, found objects and even machine parts to my jewelry designs.

The examples of my work shown here are pretty diverse. It’s hard to not try new techniques. I hope you enjoy what you see. Please e-mail me with any comments and stay tuned.


About Vaughan Greene

Dennis Drawing

Vaughan Neely Greene divides her time between the green mountains of Chattanooga, TN and the Florida panhandle coast at Inlet Beach. She grew up in a much smaller Atlanta and received a BA in ceramics from West Georgia College in 1979.

Vaughan has been a working artist for almost 40 years and taught at the McCallie School in Chattanooga for over 20 years. Since the mid-1970's, she has had various “careers” as a potter, including traveling to countless craft shows in her earlier years and as owner of a gallery throughout the 1990’s: St. Elmo’s Fire in Chattanooga.

Vaughan draws inspiration from the natural world: leaves, seashells, eggs, and stones. She admires the calmness and honesty of Japanese ceramics, and is also fascinated by the geometry, intricacy and radial symmetry of machine parts. She works in stoneware and rake pottery, shaping wheel-thrown and hand-built hardware parts and silver clay.

Vaughan receives technical help and moral support from her architect husband Frank. She believes that no artist’s studio is complete without animal companionship, currently in the form of a standard poodle named Ravi.

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The Blue Giraffe

13123 East Emerald Coast Parkway
Inlet Beach, FL 32461

The Zoo Gallery
89 Hotz Ave.
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Questions or Comments? Send me a note. I would love to hear from you!

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