I am offering pottery classes at my studio in Inlet Beach. The classes can include wheel thrown work or hand building techniques, or both. In my studio I have two electric pottery wheels and two kick wheels. I also have two electric kilns and access to other firing techniques. All my glazes are made by me from scratch and I can offer students a view into that part of working with clay too. The studio also contains a slab roller and an extruder, both are hand building tools. 

My studio is very personalized and opens to a nice shady yard with the beach just a short walk away. It’s all very informal and fun and clay students can find out what I have enjoyed for most of my life. I also offer a lending library of my significant collection of books on ceramics and artists, and I also own lots of pottery by other ceramists that I find to be soothing and inspiring. 

I have been a practicing potter for 40+ years, having received a degree in Art (concentration ceramics), from the University of West Georgia. I have also studied under many well known potters and I continue to enjoy classes and workshops myself. I taught ceramics at the McCallie School in Chattanooga for 22 years and I also operated a gallery called St. Elmo’s Fire in Chattanooga for 12 years. I have done a lot of traveling around the world and have visited many pottery studios - clay is a universal language. As students will come to appreciate, the art of pottery is basically unlimited with its techniques and possibilities.


$225.00 for 6 weeks, each class around 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Times to be determined by demand. The classes include all you will need including clay, tools, use of equipment, glazing and firing. The students will complete work and learn to glaze and fire. Additional clay can be purchased if you want to take some home and experiment. 

$60.00 for a ‘try-it’ class. This is a one-time visit to see if you like working with clay. Most do, some don’t. We’ll let you find out. This is a one-on-one class, you get all my time and attention. I will finish any work that you make during this time. It is also 2 to 2 1/2 hours. 

$50.00 per person for a ‘party’. This includes the use of the studio including all clay and tools with me there to offer instruction and help. This can be a group up to 6 people unless the weather is good and we can expand outside. This includes me finishing and firing the student’s work.

The overall process of working with clay from start to finish can sometimes take days and each piece is fired in the kiln twice. Work in process can be wrapped in plastic and be continued over multiple sessions. We will be using different brown stoneware clays. 

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